The math study tip they are NOT telling you – Ivy League math major
The math study tip they are NOT telling you – Ivy League math major

Nearly every College of Natural Sciences undergraduate program requires chemistry and mathematics courses.

Placement exams are strongly recommended and are designed to place you into the courses that will give you the foundational knowledge you need to succeed.

There are practice questions for both exams on the Chemistry Placement Exam webpage and the Math Placement Exam webpage.

Prep. for Gen. Chem. (CHEM 131)

General Chemistry I (CHEM 161)
– – –
Principles of Chemistry (CHEM 171)
To enroll in CHEM 131, 161, or 171, you MUST take the Placement Exam, or otherwise qualify to enroll in the course.
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Pre-Calc: Elementary Functions (MATH 134)*

Pre-Calc: Trig/Analytic Geometry (MATH 140)

Applied Calculus I (MATH 215)
Calculus I (MATH 241)
Accelerated Calculus (MATH 251A)**
*Anyone may enroll in MATH 134. To enroll in MATH 140, 215, 241, or 251A, you must take the Placement Exam, or otherwise qualify to enroll in the course.
**To enroll in Math 251A, please schedule an interview with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for MATH by emailing Please include your first and last name, and UH ID number.
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General Chemistry I (CHEM 161/L)

Applied Calculus I (MATH 215) or
Calculus I (MATH 241)

Calculus I (MATH 241)

Every College of Natural Science student must complete second language courses through the 202-level (intermediate proficiency). The University of Hawai’i system offers over 20 different language options for students to choose from.

If you have experience in a second language, you will likely be taking a second language placement exam at some point during your college career. Ask your academic advisor when in your academic journey would be most appropriate to begin second language courses.

To view the more common language placement exams, you can visit the university’s general Placement Exam webpage.

This exam is not as urgent as the Chemistry and Mathematics placement exams, so please focus on those first.

If you have AP credit, are fluent in a non-English language, or if you have other concerns, speak with your academic advisor.

The Early Start Program is a great way you to get started on the right foot and acquaint yourself with campus without a full course load. It allows you to take college-level courses before beginning your freshman year during the second half of summer.

If you placed into CHEM 131, MATH 134, or MATH 140, but are recommended to begin in a higher level course, this is a great way to begin your Fall semester in the recommended course for your major.

Did you place into the correct courses the first time around? Great! If you’re still interested in the Early Start Program, you can get a head start on your major coursework and ease into the college experience.

The registration deadline for the Early Start Program is May 15.

Visit the Early Start Program webpage to learn more and register.

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