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Tower Defense
Endless Puzzle
Match 3
Figure It Out
Hard Control
Endless Runner
Time Management
Addition / Subtraction
Applied Math
Multiplication / Division
Other Math
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New Games
Just Divide
Division is your best friend!
Division is your best friend! Play on grids of 4×4 or 3×3 and try to divide as many numbers as you can to earn a high score.
Snakes and Ladders
Roll and climb your way to the top of the mountain!
Also known as Chutes and Ladders, the classic roll and move game is here! Race to the top of the mountain and land in the winner’s circle. Play with your friends or versus the computer.
Cut the Rope: Magic
Say “Alakazam” and grab the candy!
Abracadabra, transform Om Nom into a magical creature and grab the candy! Can you collect all the stars along the way?
Pause to Play
This game is broken. Use the settings to fix it!
This game is broken. The only way to fix it is to use the settings in the pause menu. Can you figure out how to reach the door in this mind-bending puzzle platformer?
Wriggle and slide your way back home!
Wriggle and slide your way back home! Move into the blocks to slide back into your comfy hole. Be careful not to get trapped by your own body!
Mondays: A Sisyphean Typing Game
Please reply ASAP. Best, Sisyphus.
Compose typo-free emails and earn cash to upgrade your boulder. With great typing skills, you’ll be rewarded with even more work!
Slime Knight
Throw swords, dodge fire, and jump to the exit.
The Slime Knight is not afraid of a dark, creepy dungeon! Throw swords and dodge fire to reach the exit without getting hurt.
Open 50 Doors
Every door opens a new challenge!
Every door opens a new challenge! You need to solve the puzzles and open all 50 doors. Use the clues in your environment to find a way in.
Block Blast
Blast the blocks before they reach the top!
Blast the blocks before they reach the top! It starts slow but speeds up the longer you play. Can you keep up in all four modes?
Juice Pour
The juice is loose!
Draw a path to get all the juice in the cup without spilling too much! Get creative with your drawing skills and gather all the stars.
N Step Steve 2
Step carefully to save your cat companions!
Captain Steve is back to retrieve flags and save the cats! Solve tricky puzzles and rescue your companions before you run out of steps.
Add up the dots and clear the board!
Add up the dots and clear out the board! Connect a path of dots to bring the number blocks down to zero. Leave no dot behind!
Fish to the rhythm of the beat!
You’re on a quest to catch the freshest fish in these waters! Reel them in to the rhythm of the beat. Can you catch every funky fish?
Make the connections!
Spin tiles to connect the circle to the square! It gets complicated once you have to make multiple connections. Play through 5 different modes!
Step right up and take the daily number challenge!
Step right up and take the daily number challenge! Guess how many objects there are in total. You only have one chance per day, make it count!
Flip and flop to build the perfect sandwich!
Flip and flop around the table to build the perfect sandwich! Make the sandwich exactly like the recipe or you’ll need to remake it.
Rock Forest
Push the rocks out of your path!
Push these rocks out of the way to escape! Avoid the bats and obstacles to reach the goal at the end of your path.
Goal Pinball
Pinball meets soccer in this sporty mash-up!
Pinball meets soccer in this sporty mash-up! Swing your paddles to shoot the ball into the goal and get the opponents out of your way. Aim for powerups to help you score.
Pond Hub
So many ducks, you’ll go quackers!
Ever wanted a pet duck? How about 5? 10? The sky’s the limit at this pond! Raise ducks, give them cute outfits, and keep them from waddling away.
Mutato Potato
Fling potatoes at evil mutants!
Mutants are trying to destroy your precious plant! Sling potatoes to defeat the mutants and keep all your leaves intact.
Hex and Strings
Stretch the string and connect the nodes!
Stretch the string and connect the nodes! Secure each node with the right number of strings. Each string must have a unique path. Can you weave your way through all 50 levels?
Pipe Ball Puzzle
Connect the pipes and let the ball roll!
Put the pipes together and get the balls rolling! Each end can only hold a certain amount of balls, can you build the right paths?
Color Robos
Make colorful combos with these lost robos!
These colorful robos are lost, time to bring them back home! Match and combine them to make the correct color combinations.
Biome Conquest
Drop your tiles and expand your empire!
Drop your tiles and conquer the realm! Play against friends or the computer in this empire-expanding, number-crunching strategy game.
Crystal Charge
Reflect colorful lasers to charge the crystals!
Charge the crystals with colorful lasers! Push mirrors to aim the laser beams, and make sure two different colors never cross paths! Can you get the crystals to full power?
Sweet Boom!
Pop goes the monster!
You have a limited amount of clicks, can you make all the creatures pop? Turn them green and watch them pop each other across 90 levels!
Path Painter
Drag commands to paint the path!
Figure out how to make a perfect copy of the picture! Use arrow tiles and paint through portals to turn each block to the right color.
Place each shape where it belongs!
Place each shape back where it belongs! Drag the shapes into their proper places across a variety of intricate levels.
One Way
What goes up can’t come down!
You’re a blue data point trying to escape a digital dungeon. The administrators have banned downward movement… Can you outsmart them?
Go out of your way to shake hands!
Go out of your way to shake hands! Move through winding halls and dangerous doors to find your friend. Try not to lose your hand while you’re at it…
Fit Block Puzzle
Make every plus sign shine!
Drag and drop the blocks to make every plus sign shine! You’ll have a huge variety of shapes to fit on the board. Can you solve all 30 levels?
Charge circuits and push boulders to escape!
Charge circuits and push boulders to escape! Switch between characters to use the powers of strength and electricity.
Le Chat Fonce: Gnome Cafe
The black cat is back for some coffee!
Our favorite black cat is back and ready for some coffee! Explore the world to get at least $5.00 for a hot cup of joe. Will you find the secret gnomes?
Twin Switch
Can this blocky tag team reach the goal?
Can this blocky tag team reach the goal? Freeze in the air and jump on each other to find the way out.
Archer and Mage
An archer and a mage walk into the woods… can they escape?
An archer and a mage are stuck in the woods… How do they get out? Use arrows, magic, and teamwork to escape.
Rotated Cups
Spin your cups and dunk the ball!
Spin your cups round and round! Dunk the ball in the blue cup without letting it hit the floor. Can you get through all 36 levels?
Vacuum Bot
Make the room squeaky clean!
Zoom around the level and suck up all the dust! Don’t run out of battery as you make the room squeaky clean.
Yarn Untangle
Fix these threads right meow!
These threads are all tangled, it’s a cat-astrophe! Untangle the yarn and make sure each thread turns pink so it doesn’t overlap.
Chickens with Eggs
Lay an egg, bounce away!
When your chicken lays an egg, it puts a hop in its step! Use this to your advantage to climb high platforms and reach the goal.
Slide Fit
Every node has its block!
Every node has its block! Swap the blocks until they match the correct colored node. Don’t get a mental block while moving the blocks!
No shape should stand alone. Slide and connect!
In this relaxing puzzle game, no shape should stand alone. Slide matching shapes until all of them are connected!
We Two
Escaping together… that’s what friends are for!
Two friends with very different powers are stuck in this dimension! One runs and jumps while the other slides and builds blocks. Get these BFFs to their portals!
Notebook Jam
This puzzle is a real page-turner!
This puzzle is a real page-turner! Flip through the pages and grab the green envelope and all the paperclips.
Rescue Bot
Team up with your robot and reach the flag!
Stuck on an island? The rescue bot is here to help! Team up with your robot to get blocks and build a path to reach the flag.
Poly Roller
Rotate, align, and piece together each 3D puzzle!
Rotate and align the pieces to make the puzzle whole again! Fill out your gallery and admire the 3D artwork. Which one is your favorite?
Dash and jump with your mighty pitchfork!
You’ve fallen into a mysterious cave! Pick up your enchanted pitchfork to help you dash and jump your way out. What secrets await you here?
Maze Dog
Bark, dig, and rescue the birds!
Your flying friends are missing! Bark, dig, and explore to find them all and return them to their nests. Don’t forget to eat all the snacks!
Collect matching tiles and clear the board.
Collect matching tiles and clear the board! Grab them from the top to open up more choices, but make sure you don’t overfill your inventory.
Spin the tiles and match the target shape.
Line up the tiles to match the shape shown above! Spin columns and rows in the right order to make the shape correctly.
Gravity works differently in this cave…
Gravity works differently in this cave… With the power of your shiny gem, alter gravity and climb through the underground to escape!
Lawn Mower Puzzle
Mow every last blade of grass!
The grass is overgrown! Rev up your mower and cut it all down. Once you mow a patch of grass, there’s no turning back…unless you undo.
Astral Crab
Skitter your way to enlightenment!
Skitter your way to enlightenment! Collect the white fragments and avoid the dangers of the universe as you seek inner peace.
Fill in the blanks, one syllable at a time!
Fill in the blanks, one syllable at a time! There is a new puzzle every day! How fast can you get through all nine clues?
Cut the Rope: Experiments
Use wacky inventions to grab the candy!
Om Nom needs his candy…again! Use wacky inventions and quick wits to get the stars, cut the rope, and get Om Nom his candy.
Hamster Pop
Round up the hamsters by threes with glee!
Round up the hamsters by threes with glee! Gather the hamster tiles to clear them out of the puzzle. But don’t let the collection overflow.
Merge Bots
The robot singularity is upon us!
Merge with the pink bots! They’ll always move in the opposite direction you move, so use the level design to your advantage and plan the perfect path.
Jump and Hover
Turn on your jets and float to the goal!
Turn on your jets and float to the goal! Avoid dangerous obstacles and recharge your batteries to stay in the air.
Runaway Toad
Freedom is only a few hops away!
Hop away from the princess and escape to freedom! Hop, jump, and float over pillars to get as far away from the castle as you can.
A Missing Shepherd
Guide the sheep to grassy pastures!
Guide the sheep to grassy pastures so they can eat their fill! Push the stacks of hay and avoid the water to feed the sheep.
Tricky Keys 2
Code your way out of this program!
Time to get back to the computer and get some coding done! Guide Point to the door by programming your AI assistant and avoiding more viruses.
Marcus O’Snail
Slow and steady wins the race… and flips the world!
Marcus is not your ordinary snail… He can flip his world all around! Help Marcus O’Snail get to the exit as quickly (or slowly) as possible.
Dive through walls and avoid the light!
Dive through walls, avoid the light, and escape! Find your way out of the cave while avoiding the traps and pressing switches to guide your way.
Bounce and Block
Pew pew pew! Bounce the balls into the goal!
Pew pew pew! It’s time to bounce the balls into the goal! Can you find the right combination of bounces to hit the target?
Gather resources and craft tools to escape the island!
Stranded with nothing to do? Nonsense! Mine and gather resources to explore the islands. Who knows, maybe one day you can leave…
Elemental Cubed
Control the elements and capture the lights!
Collect lights to make the pillar rise to the next level! Match elements to unlock your path.
Quantum Splitter
Start a chain reaction and clear the particles!
Start a chain reaction and clear the particles! Each particle has colorful orbs that fire in different directions. You only have a few turns… can you clear the screen?
Must Escape the Wizard’s Castle
Can you steal the grand jewel and escape?
You were caught trying to steal the grand jewel and the wizard trapped you. Gather items, solve puzzles, and escape!
Mini Blocks DX
Bounce off walls and switch the blocks!
This little wall-jumping, block-switching slime needs to get to the portal again. Only the quickest blobs will escape this dimension!
Pin Puzzle
Pull the pin and drop colorful marbles!
Pull the pin and make the colors rain! Drop the rainbow marbles into the jar without letting the bombs destroy them.
King of Thieves
Sneak through the cavern and steal the treasure!
Sneak through the cavern to grab the treasure! Avoid obstacles and enemies, steal gems and get rich without getting caught.
Cross the borders to grab the key and escape!
Cross the borders, retrieve the key, and escape! Act quick on your feet and get to the door without falling off the level.
Robo Exit
Grab the key and escape!
Run, hop, and wall jump to grab the key and escape! Avoid the spikes and saws in your path while gathering all the coins and glory.
Diggy: Gold Rush
The official Diggy prequel.
Grab your drill and strike gold in the 1800s! Get rich, upgrade your gear, and discover the story behind the Wandering Truffle.
Space Walrus 3000
Land ultra-hard jumps in an alien world!
You’re big, slow and, well… A walrus! Good thing you’re confident in your jumping abilities. These pesky spikes and chasms don’t stand a chance!
Cut the Rope 2
Feed Om Nom…again!
Same Om Nom, new puzzles! Travel the world with Om Nom to cut the rope, get the candy, and earn coins for customizations and powerups.
Move the world, save the sheep!
Move the world and save the sheep! These sheep move as one flock, so make sure none of them fall off the island.
Drag the snake, align the circles!
Drag the snake around the maze to line up the circles! Slither and slide around the maze to align the purple circles and make them glow yellow.
Magic Toenail
Sling spells and defeat Olgaresh the Evil!
Take a step, cast a spell! Defeat enemies and gain new powers until you are strong enough to face Olgaresh the Evil. Will your magic toenail be strong enough to win the final encounter?
Logica Emotica
Time to fuse logic and emojis!
Use emojis to solve the puzzle! Push things together, stack emojis on top of each other, and so much more. Every level is a new surprise!
Rolling Magnet
Attract ‘n’ Roll!
Being a magnet comes with a lot of responsibility…and electro power! Roll around and use your forces to reach for the star(s).
Slide and Fall
We’ll all fall down!
Don’t be stuck on the top, fall to the bottom! Slide the boxes to create gaps to fall from. Can you reach the bottom in the right amount of turns?
Daily Jigsaw
Piece together a new puzzle every day!
Every day is a new puzzle! Put together an image using 24, 54, or 96 pieces. How fast can you complete the puzzle?
Brain For Monster Truck
Bring the package to the flag!
Draw a path for the monster truck to make its delivery at the flag! Collect stars to increase your score and make sure the package doesn’t fall off.
Robo Twins
Robo twin powers: activate!
These robots are running out of juice! Control the big robot to build a path for the little robot to get to the battery. Make sure you avoid the spikes.
Pudding Monsters
Say “Jello” to these tasty monsters!
These jelly monsters are slipping and sliding everywhere! Connect them together without falling off the table. Try to grab all 3 stars!
Beta test the newest experimental levels.
You have been assigned to beta test this new, exciting game! What happens if you find any bugs? We’ll worry about that later.
Traffic Control
Keep your eyes on the road!
Keep your eyes on the road and get each car to its destination. Don’t let the cars hit each other! Can you complete all five levels?
Push the Box
Unstuck the duck!
Push the boxes to build a path and retrieve the jewel! Some boxes may block your path, can you push them away without getting stuck?
Plug the Plug
How’s your power cord management?
Like the title says, you have to plug the plug! Some tricky plugs can only fit in certain outlets. Can you plug them all in?
Tune it Up!
Pick your notes and play your jam!
Let’s make some music! Choose your notes and tones to make a melody. Switch between themes and experiment with different sounds!
Cut the Rope
Free the candy to feed Om Nom!
Cut the rope and feed the candy to Om Nom! Play the classic mobile game now on desktop. Can you collect all the stars?
Track down your family roots!
You’ve woken up, but your family is nowhere to be found! Search your home and the forest to reunite everyone for a fun day ahead.
Puzzle Pieces
Build the circle slice by slice!
Piece these circles back together again! Solve the puzzles and earn gems to help ease your way through the levels.
Mini Flips 2
Are you ready to flip gravity?
Are you ready to flip gravity? Jump and flip for coins while avoiding new traps and enemies! Can you collect all the coins and get through 81 levels?
Mr. Mine
Mine to the center of the Earth!
Mine away the time by mining in the mines! Gather gems and other resources to dig into the center of the Earth. Did we mention you’re in a mine mining?
Smaller than Sudoku, but just as challenging!
Each number can only appear in a row and column once. You’ve only got the inequality symbols to help you out. Fill out the grid as fast as you can!
Scribble 2
Scribble your way through 15 new levels!
Scribble is back with new puzzles! Draw paths in different colors to dunk these balls into the baskets. Can you solve all 15 new levels?
Solitaire 0-21
Add ’em up or subtract ’em down!
Add up the numbers or subtract them down! Grab the right cards so your total stays above 0 and below 21.
Crate Mage
Don’t get boxed in!
Use your magical powers to move the boxes and escape the dungeon! Plan your path carefully so you don’t get boxed into a corner.
A Clockmaker’s Tale
Restore the clock and stop the darkness!
The grand city clock has broken! Time is off balance and darkness is coming… You need to fix all the clocks before darkness takes over!
Mini Traffic Jam
Crashing is NOT in your job description!
You’re starting a new job… it’s unprofessional to crash on the way there! Drive safely to work without getting into an accident.
Lynx: Stealth Mission
Sneak and slide through the base!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: sneak into the base, and don’t get caught! Evade the guards by staying out of their line of sight.
Control the light and darkness!
Control the light and darkness! Guide the characters to their matching color doors. Run and jump on the platforms without falling off.
Spin Soccer 3
Spin to score!
Spin the platforms round and round to get the ball rolling. Keep your ball away from the spikes and reach the goal safely!
Don’t get ssstuck in Snek-land!
It’s all one-way traffic down here in Snek-land! Twist, turn, and go around to avoid slithering into a gridlock. Don’t get ssstuck!
Telephone Trouble
Hello, operator? Let’s get connected!
Are you there, operator? Don’t drop any calls! Connect the cables to the right ports. Will you play fast or chill?
Create the rainbow!
Create the rainbow! Fill the whole grid with dazzling colors. Plan your path wisely, because there’s no turning back!
An Ordinary Adventure
It’s anything but!
Ever wanted to go on an adventure with SomeGuy? Well, now you can! Travel around the world and through space to figure out SomeGuy’s past.
Me and Another Me
Two characters, one level. Can you solve it?
Two characters, one mission: escape the level! Switch between the two and create new platforms to get both of them to the goal.
Make The Cube
Put the cube back together!
This cube has fallen apart, can you make it whole again? Play through five different modes as you slide the blocks and reassemble the cube.
Connected Towers
Connect the towers, boost the signal!
Connect power towers to activate them and boost the signal! Open sealed gates and use giant machines to reach the goal.
The Smurfs: Village Cleaning
Scrub, restore, and clean up the village!
Jokey’s “prank” caused a huge mess in the village! Help the Smurfs clean and reassemble all their furniture. Can you get everything back in order?
Cricket Cup Online
Hit it out of the ground!
Hit the ball out of the ground! Compete against the computer in single-player mode or test your skills against other players in online multiplayer.
Connect the lines and draw the shape!
Connect the lines and draw the shape! Link the nodes without overlapping your own lines. Unlock cool themes as you progress to play in style.
Vex 7
Parkour to the extreme!
Ever wanted to try parkour? Well, now you can! Just make sure you avoid all the spikes, fire, and electricity in your way.
Connect the stars to hear the melody!
Connect the stars to match the shape seen in the level. Once the stars are connected, sit back, relax, and enjoy a beautiful melody!
Can you reunite this couple?
Lost in their own worlds, this couple needs to be reunited! Help them reach their doors at the same time so they can reconnect.
Piece these pictures back together!
Who messed with the layers? The picture is out of order! Organize the layers correctly so the picture can go back into its frame.
Daily Pipe Match
A new plumbing challenge every day!
A new plumbing challenge every day! Play three different puzzles of increasing difficulty to connect all the pipes. Can you fix the pipes in as few moves as possible?
Penguin Diner 2
Penny is back and the diner is open!
After seeing the terrible restaurants at home, Penny opened up her own to provide quality service and great food! Help her earn tips to keep her restaurant at the top of the iceberg!
Magnet Ban
You know what they say: Opposites attract!
You know what they say: Opposites attract! Attract and repel magnets to place them in the proper spot.
Number Collector
Here comes the sum!
Here comes the sum! When you find the right path, everything will add up in the end. Can you earn a crown and solve for 100?
Coolmath Games: The Game
It’s your first day at Coolmath Games!
Today’s your first day as the intern at Coolmath Games! Can you handle all the responsibilities and help us launch our game?
Let’s Bounce
Bounce to the sky, avoid the cacti!
Bounce that ball to the goal! Draw platforms to guide the ball while avoiding cacti. Be quick, because your bounces are limited.
Pushy Worm
Feed these hungry worms!
The baby worms need their apples! Push the fruits as you inch around the level to feed your worms. Leave no worm unfed!
Parking Puzzle
Ready, set, park!
Park each car in the spot that matches its color! Drive down roads and intersections to help these cars find their place in the lot.
Plug In
Take charge and power up the lab!
Explore this strange and dangerous lab while staying connected to a power source! Avoid spikes and sparks to keep your power cord intact.
Wobbly Dot
Round and round you go…
Round and round you go…will you smash the target or crash and burn? There are two ways to play… try them both!
Protect Emojis
You don’t want to see a crying emoji!
The cannons are about to fire… can you protect these emojis? Draw a barrier around the emojis to shield them from the incoming balls. Don’t make the emojis cry!
Putty Putter
Get in shape to make the shot!
Breathe in…and stretch out! Pull and stretch your doughy self until you’re the perfect size and shape to make the shot. Can you make the perfect putt?
Mini Flips
Jump, flip, win!
Jump and flip around the level to get all the coins! Avoid the spikes and dangerous blobs as you flip gravity to claim your prize.
Tripeaks Solitaire
Learn this new way to play solitaire!
Clear all the cards off the board! Climb up and down the value of the cards using your smarts and power ups.
Slug Adventure
Don’t be sluggish… it’s time for adventure!
Don’t be sluggish… it’s time for adventure! Move, climb, and throw your sticky self at floors, walls and ceilings until you reach the exit.
Jumping Clones
No clone gets left behind!
You need to teleport these clones! Move as one and get to the square teleporters to leave the level. Watch out for spikes and holes!
Start from dirt and build a village!
Dig up dirt, mine stone, harvest crops, and defeat monsters! Strategically use your resources to craft weapons, housing, and build up your village. How much can you craft?
Sliding Blocks
Slide to the goal!
Slide the blocks to the goal that matches their color! Two blocks of the same color will merge as one, so plan your path accordingly.
Tiny Jukebox
Play those funky tunes!
Leonie forgot her songs! Help her play some funky tunes by hitting the right notes on time. Can you tap to the beat?
Cram Blocks
Fill up the whole block!
Drop the different shapes in to put the block back together again! Rotate the pieces to fit into the spaces of the oddly shaped blocks.
Santa’s Quest
Help Santa collect all the presents!
Build a path so Santa can gather all the presents for every good child! Try to collect as many presents as you can to increase your score.
Cookie Match
Line up those cookies!
Line up the cookies and put them in place! Fit the cookies in the proper spot without them getting cut up or moving too far away.
Micro Crossword
Play the tiniest crossword puzzle!
Play the tiniest crossword on the site! Solve the daily puzzles and spell out new words across and down the board. Can you solve the puzzles?
LA Times Crossword
Solve a new puzzle everyday from the LA Times.
Solve the LA Times crossword online! Find new words each day down and across the grid in this popular crossword puzzle.
Killer Sudoku
Daily sudoku with a twist of math!
It’s the classic game with a mathematical twist! As you fill in the numbers, make sure they add up to the number in the corners of the squares.
Daily Sudoku
Fill in the numbers daily.
Fill in the numbers in new, daily puzzles! Each number can only appear once in a grid. Can you put the numbers in their rightful place?
Santa’s Delivery
Help Santa deliver the presents!
The holiday is coming, and Santa needs to deliver the presents! Help him leave presents under the tree and get out of the chimney once the job is done.
Jewel Christmas Mania
Gather gingerbread, mittens, and jingle bells!
Gather all the holiday goodies! Match three of the same item and increase your score. Each level has a different goal to complete. How many goodies can you match?
Ragdoll Rise Up
Float your way to the top!
Float your way to the top and don’t let your balloons pop! Avoid spiky objects and use the winds from fans to guide your path upwards.
Super Pickleball Adventure
Embark on the sportiest quest ever!
Pick up your racket, young athlete… This quest is only for the sportiest of all adventurers. Defeat legendary opponents on your way to the championship!
Light Push
Push the light to forge your path!
In a world of darkness, only the lights can guide you! Push the yellow block lights to make your path and reach the exit.
Pyramid Solitaire
13 is your new lucky number!
Add the value of two cards to equal 13! Play in classic mode to clear one pyramid or play levels to clear the board with special cards.
Test your memory in this classic game!
Test your memory and match the cards! Flip over the cards and try to get two of the same picture. How quickly can you match them all?
Plug Away
Let there be power!
Maneuver through the levels to get the plug into the outlet! It sounds simple but it will be challenging. Avoid the walls and get the power back.
Can you escape the room?
You’re locked in a strange house and you need to find your way out! Solve puzzles and collect items to help you escape the room.
Borbo’s Quest
Get your cake and eat it too!
Your mother baked you a delicious birthday cake, but it was stolen! Track down Nasty Cake Jake and take it back.
Jewel Monsters
Defeat the monsters in this match-3 mashup!
The forest has been invaded by monsters! Match 3 of the same colored gem to defeat the monsters and keep the forest safe from the magical intruders.
Get in the bubble to stay out of trouble!
There’s only one way to stay safe: get inside the giant bubbles! Run and jump, grab the keys, dodge giant saws and get to the door!
Rock, Paper, Scissors
The cutest Rock, Paper, Scissors game ever!
Challenge opponents online in this tail-waggingly good game. Are you going to throw rock, paper, or scissors? Play this right meow!
Fluid Lines
So many lines, so little time!
Draw the shape over and over again until you have it down perfectly! Come back every day and work through 25 different shapes.
ARROW 2: Patterns
Move to match the patterns!
More arrows, more puzzles! Guide the arrows to match the pattern shown in the corner. Will you take it easy or play hard?
Don’t put yourself in a bind!
Grab all the blue squares and get to the goal without getting stuck in a bind! Plan your path accordingly and don’t get trapped.
Move two squares to one goal.
Both squares are linked together, so every move you make will slide them both. Grab all the blue tokens before you run out of moves.
Sand Drawn
Dig out the perfect tunnel!
Grab your shovel and head to the beach! Dig out the right tunnels to get each ball into the goal.
Bad Soccer Manager
Can you coach your team to the top?
You earned your dream job of being a soccer manager! Each season you start at the bottom. Can you work your way to the top to keep your job and win the title?
Tamachi Explosive Adventure
Blow up the floor and stay out of the lava!
Jump on TNT blocks to blow up the level! Hop between disappearing platforms to stay in the air until you’re the last thing left.
Maze 64
There can only be one square left!
Slide and combine the numbers until there’s one square left! Combine the same numbers and plan your path accordingly.
Deliver the gem and save the land!
The water system is failing… Only you can deliver the purifying gem! Jump and float your way up the mountain to save the land.
Atari Breakout
Are you ready to breakout?
The classic Atari game is here! Break the blocks and don’t lose the ball in four different modes. What’s the highest score you can get?
Defense of the Wilds 2
Destroy the robots and take down the Iron King!
The dreaded Iron King is leading the robots into your realms! Place towers to protect your gems and the wilds from destruction once again.
Snake 3D
Eat all the apples… In three dimensions!
You’ve never seen Snake like this! Slither across a 3D cube, eat all the apples, and get the highest score possible. And no, you won’t need 3D glasses.
Collect all the lights!
Dash through the maze and gather the lights. Once you have them all, the door will open! Plan your path as you slide between the walls.
Block Collide
Slide but don’t collide!
Push the blocks along the lines without them colliding into each other! When you see all the green checks, that means you did it right.
Double Cheeseburger, Medium Fries
Flip it, fry it, cook it!
You have to work on your day off or else you’ll be fired! Clock in, take orders, and grill up some burgers for your customers.
Game About Squares
It’s exactly what it says!
It’s exactly what it says! Well, there are also some circles. Get the square to the correct colored circle and plan your path carefully.
Magnet Mayhem
Use your magnetic noggin to reach the goal!
Wield your powers of attraction to magnetize blocks and get to the star. Get those electromagnetic neurons firing and don’t fall off!
Flap your wings to the flag!
Fly out of the dungeon as fast as you can! Avoid all enemies and obstacles that will smash you down. Can you make it back to the outside world?
Can you fit in?
You’re in a strange world, with a strange teleportation power. Use this power to flip gravity and teleport around the room to reach the exit!
Bonsai Builder
Grow your very own tiny bonsai tree!
Grow your very own bonsai tree. Take care of your little plant by trimming the leaves and pruning the branches. You can even change its colors!
Penguin Diner
Serve customers, earn tips, and get Penny home!
Penny is far from home without any money to get back! Become the best waitress in the arctic by serving customers and earning enough money to fly home.
You can’t fix this by using CTRL-ALT-DEL!
You’re trapped in an operating system you can’t control. Can you push the right buttons and successfully log out?
Ghost House
What will you find in this haunted house?
The haunted house looms overhead, do you dare go inside? Enter the house and find the ghosts hidden about! What secrets await you?

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