slope (beat my hie score finnaly!)
slope (beat my hie score finnaly!)

Slope 3 is an addictive endless running game that belongs to the popular Slope series. Driving a ball rolling downhill, avoiding obstacles on the route, and getting a high score is what you need to do in this game.

The score will increase by one point when you make a successful jump. Try to control your ball as long as possible. Once your ball hits the obstacles or falls down the platform, you lose the game. If you are a fan of running games, Slope 3 is your best choice. It not only helps you practice your quickness but also improves your reaction skills. Join the game and put your name on the leaderboard.


With the design of 3D neon graphics, this game has attracted players’ attention since its first launch.

Besides, the eye-catching background and simple mechanics of slope games satisfy the players’ demand for entertainment.

The gameplay sounds simple, but actually, it’s not as easy as you expect. Use your mouse click or arrow keys to direct the ball’s movement. Keep your eyes on the obstacles that suddenly appear on the route. Once you hit the obstacle or fall down the platform, you will lose.

The ball has a real-time response, so when you make a small adjustment, the ball is immediately affected. Therefore, you should not hold the keys for a long time because the ball will easily fall down the platform.

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