In Geometry, we just finished up our Area and Perimeter unit. My students did a project that was inspired by an Illuminations project by NCTM.

My students had to design their own playground. They were given a certain amount of fencing to enclose the park and the dimensions of the playground equipment needed. Then, they had to place their playground equipment in the park. They also had to calculate the amount of sand and grass needed in the park. The students also had to make a scale drawing of their playground. I gave them the option of drawing it on a poster or creating a 3D diorama.

You can see the rubric I used here. It isn’t perfect, but it’s getting better the longer I do this project. Last year, I made the students type up their calculations and write their answers in paragraph form. It was a pain for me to grade, and I don’t think the students benefitted from typing their answers. This year, I gave the students a table to fill in with their answers.

Here are some of the final projects from my kids last year and this year. Some of them are so creative!

The monkey on the jungle gym totally cracks me up.

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