Math kangaroo Questions Part 1|| Educational Videos
Math kangaroo Questions Part 1|| Educational Videos

Information wants to be free. It’s time for the students to take command of their learning without using a classroom. The Internet is a resource that is always accessible and always convenient, welcome to free KW Practice Online.

KW Practice Online is breaking down the barriers that millions of students face by providing pure and original problems, tasks and questions to students around the globe. Several sets of problems with solutions or clear hints are provided free of cost. Some of these solutions are formal, and others are informal. Most of these problems are from the contests of past years.

We want to make sure that students can establish a strong foundation in Mathematics, English, Science and Information Technology.

Direction and guideline

  • Download Past Papers
  • Click here for Free Practice Online
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • If you are taking the test late in the day, it is recommended that you reboot your system before beginning to free up the memory resources from other programs on your computer.
  • Shut down all the Instant Messaging tools (Skype, AIM, MSN Messenger, etc) and E-mails programs.
  • Maximize your browser window before starting the test.
  • Minimizing the browser window during the test can prevent the submission of your test.
  • When you begin the test click the link only once to launch the test.
  • Never click the “BACK” button on browser. This may take you out of the test and prevent from tracking your selected answer.
  • The test must be completed in one sitting.
  • Answer all questions is NOT necessary.
  • Review all of your answers before submitting the test. Make sure you have not accidentally changed your response to a question or made a typographic mistake.
  • Click the Submit Button ONLY ONCE!
  • After you submit the test answers, you will receive a score unless you have exceeded the time limit for the test. Do not press “Enter” on the keyboard to submit the test.
  • If you encounter problems accessing or submitting your test, you may contact KW-staff by email.

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