Valentine’s day love quiz – 10 fun trivia questions and answers
Valentine’s day love quiz – 10 fun trivia questions and answers

There is no doubt that Valentine’s day is one of the most popular Holidays for couples. This has become a major consumer holiday in the United States. February 14th is known for lovers and couples getting gifts and going out to dinner.

For many people Valentine’s day is about romance. But we have fun facts about this affectionate holiday. What does a saint, Roman god and fertility has to do with your Valentine’s day gift? Find out here.

In this blog post we will explore the Valentines day traditions and also go over some fun facts about this holiday. By the end of this post, you will want to host a valentine’s day Trivia game this year.

We will provide the questions and answers in this blog post. If you want to host a game, you will need to provide only he questions to the players

Valentine’s Day History Trivia Questions

Here are some trivia questions that are based on the history of Valentine’s day. Although most of this information can’t be scientifically proven, it is consistent and deemed legendary.

Here are some popular Valentine’s day trivia questions…

  1. The roots of Valentines day started as an ancient fertility festival held in mid February known as what? Lupercalia

2. What is the name of the God Most Popular for this holiday? Cupid.

3. Cupid, the winged match maker started out as the God of love from which ancient empire? Roman

4. Why was the most popular Saint Valentine put in jail and sentenced to death? For performing secret marriage ceremonies when it was forbidden.

5. Where did the exchanging of Valentine’s Day Cards originate? Great Britain

6. According to legend, who was the emperor who banned all marriages and engagement during his reign 268 to 270 AD? Emperor Claudius II

7. Who is Cupid’s mother, the roman goddess of love? Aphrodite (Venus)

8. According to legend, who did saint Valentine write his infamous love letter to? His jailer’s daughter.

9. Who was in charge of the St. Valentine’s day Massacre in Chicago in 1929? Al Capone.

10. Red roses was the favorite flower of which Roman goddess? Venus

11. Who did cupid fall in love with? Psyche.

Valentines Day Fun Facts

12. Red is the primary color for Valentine’s day, but what is the secondary color and why? Pink because it is feminine.

13. On average Americans shower their loved ones with how many red roses around Valentine’s Day? 180 Million

14. Approximately how many boxes of candy are sold during the Valentine’s day season? 35 million

15. What percentage of coupled get engaged on Valentine’s day? Roughly 10 percent. That’s nothing compared to the 40% of couple engagements on Christmas.

16. Today how much money does the Valentines day holiday bring in annually for retailers? Over 20 billion dollars.

17. What was cupid’s weapon of choice? Bow and arrows.

18. What percentage of Americans actually celebrate Valentine’s day? 62%

19. While the most popular gifts for Valentine’s day are candy and flowers, what item comes in at a close third place? Jewelry

20. What is the most Romantic and popular love story of all time? Romeo and Juliet.

21. What fruit is known as the love apple? Tomato

22. These days, who receives the most Valentine’s day cards? Teachers.

23. What was the first company to mass produce Valentine’s day cards? Hallmark.

24. What gender spends the most money for Valentine’s day? Men

25. What is the most unpopular Valentine’s day candy? Conversation hearts.

26. Valentines Day is the second largest card exchanging holiday, which holiday exchanges the most cards? Christmas.

27. Which state grows the majority of America’s roses? California

28. Which famous monk invented champagne? Dom Perignon

29. Who created the first Valentine’s day box of chocolates? Richard Cadbury

30. What year were conversation hearts invented? 1874

31. What does the X and O stand for in “XOXO?” Hugs and Kisses.

32. How many online dating services are available in the U.S.? Over 1500

33. How many people buy a Valentine’s day gift for their pet each year? 9 million.

34. What percent of heterosexual couples reported meeting their partner online? 39 percent

35. Which dating site has the highest success rate? Match

36. What percentage of couples get engaged on Valentines Day? 10 percent of couples.

Let the games begin… in this case, Valentine’s day Trivia

Now that you have some fabulous trivia questions for Valentine’s day, we have a little something extra for you.

Because we LOVE love, we made a Valentine’s day Trivia printable for you to play with your, friends, family or your lover.

Feel free to use this as a hand out or read these questions out loud to your audience.

valentines day trivia questions

We picked 10 random questions to put on the Trivia game. If you would like more variations of this game. Please let us know in the comments.

Valentines Day Trivia Answer Key

Oh and here is the answer key, in case you didn’t study. LOL.


We hoped you enjoyed these Valentine’s day Trivia questions. It is perfect for a Valentine’s Day Bridal shower or a game night with friends. Also, we hoped you had fun learning these interesting facts about Valentine’s day?

Do you want to share and interesting fact about Valentine’s day? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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This blog post was all about Valentine’s Day Trivia.

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