I Went Back To 1st Grade For A Day
I Went Back To 1st Grade For A Day

RACE CAR MATH Games & Centers for Addition and Subtraction

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  1. The worksheets and color and black & white games and sorting tasks in this bundle provide fun and engaging ways to build mathematical thinking, computation strategies, and fluency with addition and subtraction facts within 20. The bundle includes five games and sorting tasks using race car factPrice $8.00Original Price $10.00Save $2.00


This color AND black & white set of race car-theme games and sorting tasks will help children build mathematical thinking, computation strategies, and fluency with addition and subtraction facts within within ten (CCSS 1.OA.C.6) and within twenty (CCSS 1.OA.C.6 and 2.OA.B.2). Games and sorting tasks use one or more decks of Racers (race car-themed fact cards for sums to 10, sums to 20, differences within 10, and differences within 20, making it easy to support or extend your instruction, provide review or reinforcement for previous instruction, or to differentiate the activities to meet student needs. All of the activities are perfect for small groups, centers, or choice time.

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• GAMES for 2 – 4 Players

All Race Car Math games are played with Race Car fact cards (see materials list below), which make it easy to differentiate the skill level for each game.

*Speedway Math (board game): Players solve facts to race around the track, collecting a math cube for each completed lap. The player who collects 3 cubes first is the winner!

*Road Race (boardless game): Children practice facts while racing along a winding “road” made of facts cards. The first player to cross the finish line wins!

*Find Four Facts (card game): The goal of this game is to collect four fact cards, all of which must have equations which equal the same number (sums, differences, or a mix of each).

*I Spy (spinner game): The object of this game is the be the first player to collect five fact cards which have sums or differences which match numbers determined by spinning a spinner.

*I Spy More! (spinner game): This is a different version of I Spy, using facts with larger sums.

• SORTING TASKS for centers

All Race Car Math sorting tasks use Race Car Fact Cards to help students build computation strategies and make important mathematical connections.

*I Can – Strategy Sorts Children think about strategies used to solve math facts, and identify which strategies are best for different types of facts.

*Match Ups Children identify facts which match up in some way and see relationships between groups of fact.

*How Many Ways? Children sort facts with the same sums or differences, building flexibility with facts.

*I Can Make a Fact Family Children sort facts into fact families, building flexibility with facts and extending their understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction.


All materials are included in both color and black & white, except where noted otherwise.

*Race Car fact cards are used with all the games and sorting tasks (66 fact cards for addition to 10, 55 cards for addition to 20, 66 cards for subtraction within 10, and 55 cards for subtraction within 20)

*12 Specialty cards (Speedway Math and Road Race games

*2 Speedway Math racetrack game boards (a “training track” with a number line for extra support and a second track without the number line)

*2 Playing Card Mats (Speedway Math and Find Four Facts games)

*Starting Line and Finish Cards (Road Race game)

*2 Spinners (I Spy and I Spy More! games)

*Sorting Task cards, recording sheets, and sample responses (13 I Can – Strategy Sort task cards, 14 Match Ups task cards, 21 How Many Ways? task cards, and 6 Fact Family task cards

*Complete directions for all games and sorting tasks

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