Saxon Math Algebra 1 – Lesson 12 – Symbols of Inclusion + Order of Operations
Saxon Math Algebra 1 – Lesson 12 – Symbols of Inclusion + Order of Operations

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Course Description
In this course, the student learns incrementally how to: simplify, evaluate, add, subtract, multiply, and divide polynomial, rational, and radical expressions; factor polynomials; solve linear equations, linear systems, quadratic, rational, and radical equations and linear inequalities of one and two variables. These techniques are then used to solve number, proportion, fractional parts, percent, coin, uniform motion, interest, and variation word problems.
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Complete the assignments for each lesson and the 8 comprehensive exams. The text lessons are to be graded by the instructor; exams will be graded by Christian Liberty (CLASS). Saxon-produced tests are included, but are considered practice tests and are not the official exams for the course. Calculator usage is prohibited for this course.

Course Details
Subject: Algebra 1
Suggested Grade: 9th – 12th
Prerequisites: Successful completion of a pre-algebra course (such as Saxon Algebra 1/2) with a final grade of “C” or better
Academic Credit: 1.0 credit
Course Materials: textbook, homeschool packet, Saxon test booklet, Saxon test & problem set answer key, solutions manual, and Parent-Teacher Guide (includes 8 exams)*
Primary Text Details
Title: Algebra 1
Author: John H. Saxon, Jr.
Publisher: Saxon Publishers
Copyright: 1997 (3rd edition)
Hardbound: 564 pages
ISBN: 978-1-6003-2971-5 (Home Study Kit)
* Item published by Christian Liberty

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