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May 17, 2020
Faraway Avalon

(The titular website is linked in the above image for ease of access – we’ll be using it a lot!)

Coolmath Games, a website launched in 1997 to gather nonviolent and educational browser games for kids, is basically a library of HTML and Flash games from across the internet. Many teens and young adults have thanked Coolmath for being their escape during the more difficult episodes of their education. Schools block almost all browser game websites, but Coolmath – having an educational term right in the name – gets to bypass the filters, allowing anyone who needs to destress the safe haven they’ve deserved.

While Coolmath does not develop that many games on their own, this is the site where many people have been introduced to characters from plenty of indie devs. Characters like Papa Louie, Duck, Fireboy & Watergirl, IQ ball, Bob The Robber, The Runner, and others. These characters are often used to promote the site on Coolmath’s social media accounts, so why not have the iconic mascots battle it out in the rapidly rising genre of the platform fighter? In terms of negotiations, yeah this game would be a mess in real life. But that’s the beauty of a creation thread!

Any piece of content from something that is present on the site is eligible. (including Flash games that are no longer playable.)

There will probably be a schedule for this game at some point – I know I can’t do daily – however since I’m basically done with the setup, I’d like to get it out the door just to see how it goes for a while!





Job 1: Submit the first challenger

Other threads might have a couple starting characters, but there isn’t really one or two true mascots for Coolmath – there are a ton of possible options here. Most of the frontrunners have pretty comparable levels of popularity. We could even go with a weirder, deeper pick here if we so desire!

Job 2: Submit a roster number

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