STAR TREK QUIZ – 40 trivia questions and answers on the TV series and films – Live Long And Prosper
STAR TREK QUIZ – 40 trivia questions and answers on the TV series and films – Live Long And Prosper

3 rounds of Star Trek trivia based off movies, TV
Shows, Video Games, and anything Star Trek;
including a final
“bet it all” question

•Please do not shout out the answers
•No Cell Phones – Cell phones must not be picked up, until after the
question is graded, or the answer will be marked wrong.
•In case of discrepancy in scoring, alert the Host
•Approximately 4 minutes to answer the question. The Host will come to
you when times almost up.
•Last question of each round, bring your answer sheets up to the host.
•Host has Final Say

The Borg
Star Trek: First Contact Script:
WORF We have to stop them from sending that message.
RIKER Agreed. Options?
WORF Destroy the deflector dish.
TROI Can we aim our dorsal phasers at it?
Who were Worf, Riker, and Troi
trying to stop from sending a

A Cloaking Device
This device allows a ship to fly
through space un-detected and
invisible, but they are also
vulnerable to weapons fire with
no shields while using the
device. These ships are
equipped with what?

Star Trek: Generations
Captain Kirk’s mission is to be dispatched
to the scene of a giant energy field about
to engulf two ships. Kirk is exposed to the
field and is presumed dead. Years later,
Captain Picard learns there is a survivor
(Dr. Soran) who plans to enter the field to
destroy a neighboring star. Picard
collaborates with an unlikely ally in order
to stop Dr. Soran. Which Star Trek Movie
did this storyline occur?

5 Years
In the original Star Trek TV series that
debuted in 1966, in the opening scene
of the show, Captain Kirk can be heard
saying the words… “Space, The Final
Frontier! These are the voyages of the
Starship Enterprise” “It’s __________
mission to explore strange new
worlds….” What was the time frame of
the mission?

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Released in 1994 for the Sega
Genesis (Mega Drive) as well as
the Super Nintendo
Entertainment System – “Star
Trek: Crossroads of Time” was a
video game based off which of
the Star Trek Television series?

Developed by the publisher “Disruptor
Beam” this was the most recent Star
Trek app to be released to the iOS and
Android platforms. The app was titled
“Star Trek Timelines” – in what year
was this app released?

The Animated Series / Voyager / Discovery
As of July 2018, there are a total of 7 Star
Trek television series. Which 3 are not
listed here?
Star Trek: The Original Series (1966-1969)
Star Trek: ??????????????????? (1973-1974)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993-1999)
Star Trek: ?????? (1995-2001)
Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005)
Star Trek: ????????? (2017-Present)

In Season 1: Episode 5 of Star Trek:
Voyager, an away team is beamed
into a network of caverns in a search
for dilithium deposits. During the
search, Neelix is attacked by a race of
aliens known as the Vidiianas,
suffering from a flesh eating disease
called “The Phage”. What organ did
the Vidiians beam out of Neelix’s

Klingon ( )
As of May 18th 2013, this official
language of a Star Trek warrior
race was newly added to Bing’s
language translator feature and
has it’s own language institute.
Which Star Trek language is now
being spoke by many all over the

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