These quick reference sheets serve many purposes. Send them home to parents at the beginning of each unit so they can “refresh” their 6th grade math skills and help out with homework and studying. Print and give to students to keep in their binders throughout a unit or before a test to be used as a study guide.

The best part? These reference sheets are completely editable! Change the wording to fit your needs. Delete some information and use them as a note-taking resource. Add your own using a blank template.

Also includes a digital version in Google Slides.

Sheets Included :

★ Whole Number and Decimal Operations (Overview)

★ Decimal Operations

★ Fraction Operations and Integer Concepts (Overview)

★ Fraction Operations

★ Ratios, Rates, and Percents

★ Ratios, Rates and Percents Page 2 (Standard Measurements)

★ Ratios, Rates and Percents Page 2 (Metric Measurements)

★ Expressions

★ Equations and Inequalities

★ Graphing Inequalities

★ Geometry

★ Area of Special Shapes

★ Data Displays (Overview)

★ Constructing Box and Whisker Plots

★ Constructing Stem and Leaf Plots

★ Constructing Histograms

★ Measures of Center and Variation

To edit this resource :

• Instructions have been provided in the download to help you edit. You MUST have PowerPoint to use the editable file.

• All text is editable.

• Headings, copyright information, graphics, and the template itself may NOT be edited.

Licensing Terms :

By purchasing this product, you own a license for one teacher only for personal use in their own classroom. Licenses are non-transferable and therefore can not be passed from one teacher to another. If the teacher who purchased this license leaves the classroom or changes schools, the license and materials leave with that teacher. No part of this resource is to be shared with colleagues or used by an entire team, grade level, school or district without purchasing the correct number of licenses. If you are a coach, principal or district interested in transferable licenses that would accommodate yearly staff changes, please contact me for a transferable license quote at lindsayperro@gmail.com.

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