Assassin’s Creed Unity Taurus Nostradamus Enigma guide

Taurus Enigma Starting Location

1st Taurus Riddle Solution

Sending signals through air,

Made of wood and rope,

Chappe’s friends took note.

With easier Enigmas sometimes it is best to turn on your Eagle Vision and scan the area close to where you get the first riddle. This uncovered the solution to the first Taurus riddle for me right away. Upon further research I found out that Claude Chappe used these wooden contraptions as telegraphs.

AC Unity Nostradamus Enigma First Clue Location

2nd Taurus Riddle Solution

All men must walk,

Through gates that lead,

To the fields of War.

While going to the starting location of this enigma I’ve noticed a large number of NPCs waiting in lines under a stone gate. That seemed to fit the riddle perfectly and I got lucky to find the solution there without having to do a lot of research. Gate is located east of where you found the solution to the previous riddle.

3rd Taurus Riddle Solution

False idols, celebrate,

On stage they entertain.

Supreme is the Being,

Who calls himself so.

By now I figured that all riddle solutions are close to each other so I scanned the nearby area with eagle vision. I then noticed a large statue on top of a high stone pillar close by and figured I must get closer to it and see if that’s the “false idol” mentioned in the riddle. I found the solution to the third riddle in front of the statue on a wooden platform. Upon some research it turns out there was a Cult of the Supreme Being formed during the French Revolution and they had a festival held next to that tall statue. (the more you know …)

The Final Riddle Solution

Schooled minds guide,

The tides of battles.

Over the shoulders of angels,

They watch the fields of War.

“Schooled minds” seemed like a hint at place where you can find people learning something. I was lucky enough that there is just such place nearby. It is Ecole Militaire just south of the previous solution’s location. This military school seemed to fit the riddle perfectly. “Fields of War” refer to Champ de Mars field in front of Ecole Militaire. “Over the shoulders of angels” felt like I should be looking at some stone statues. After a while I finally found the location of the solution on top of the entrance of Ecole Militaire. It is located almost on its highest point, just under a small clock.

AC Unity Taurus Nostradamus Enigma The Final Clue Location


  1. great guides, thanks for the time and effort it has obviously taken in making these, excellent work well done

  2. Dude… You. Are. AWESOME! My husband and I were having such a hard time figuring out these riddles until we came across your site. I’m so grateful that you took the time to research and explain the connections to the riddles, I’m a big believer in “the more you know”. Thanks again 🙂

  3. Is anyone else struggling with the interaction button? I’m on Taurus, I’ve done all the riddles together but the 3rd won’t let me “interact” with it? Anyone having this problem?

    1. Getting the same thing too – Restarted my ps4 and still nothing >:(

    2. Had the Sam problem. I had the riddle open on screen, as soon as I closed it I was able to interact with the symbol

      1. Anyone find any new fixes? I’ve restarted the game, changed to new enigma mission, kept the riddle open until at the place it goes to, and nothing. Even when I went from Pisces to Cancer then Cancer wouldn’t let me do the second part after Pisces wouldn’t let me do the third.

        1. The 3rd Taurus symbol is on the stage in the middle of the courtyard, not ontop of the building

          1. thank you brett this was the issue I had to get the one on the stage in the courtyard first then I was able to get the one on the building by the clock.

    3. Are you doing them in order?

  4. Thanks so much ur guide really helped

  5. Zank’ You for your helb :*

  6. Thank you soo much for these guides… they are not only really clear, but also very informative and fun to read! 🙂

  7. I have got this one but when i look at the map it is sayong i haven’t ?

  8. Stuck on Taurus. Got to the third riddle and I’m hanging there or standing on the roof of the war college looking at the Taurus symbol but can’t get the interact. UGH

  9. Thanks a lot man! I used all your guides to solve the riddles, I enjoyed your explanations as well, I was learning from them

  10. Hey there,

    I finished all riddles now but this one just isn’t excepted as solved. I tried revisiting every part riddle
    Cant interact with any of them and it is not shown on the map.
    But it still says 0/1

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