Games are not only fun and engaging but can also be used as a way to reinforce learning. Strategy and/or problem-solving games can be a great medium for you to improve your (or your kid’s) problem solving ability.

Games that require some thinking of a logic/strategy are the kind of games that can not only help you in improving your problem-solving skills but can enhance your memory, improve your attention and concentration as well.

Now since you are here, I am quite sure you are already convinced that you need to find some useful games for your kids. But, where do we find such games which are logic-based? And not only logic-based but also family-friendly, easy to learn, and fun to play.

Well, we tried to dig the internet to find out some cool websites that provide exactly the type of games we re looking for.

And surprisingly, we found out a lot of websites that provide cool games for kids. Out of these websites, some are free, whereas some are paid. But, one website that stood out from others is

CoolMathGames is not only free, but the quality and quantity of games are far better than the rest. So, here we have listed some cool math games for you and your kids to play. But, before the list, let’s discuss a little about the platform and availability.

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About CoolMath Games

Coolmath games is a website having more than 1000 mini games on their website. They have an android and an iOS app as well. They have categorised their games into different sections: Strategy, Skill, Number, Logic, Memory, Classic, Jigsaw, Science and Geography. You can browse them all on their website.

Although Coolmath Games website has games for everyone, but if you’re specifically looking for games for kids aged under 12 years old, you can also check out Coolmath4Kids.

And, if you’re only looking for games to teach yourself or your kid different topics of mathematics, you can check out

So, that’s enough about the CoolMath network, now let’s have a look at the best games on their main platform – CoolMath Games.

Best Cool Math Games for Kids:


fireboy watergirl cool math games

“Fireboy and Watergirl Elements” is one of the best games on CoolMathGames. It’s a combination of puzzle and arcade game. You have to control two characters in this game, viz. Fireboy and the Watergirl. You can use the arrow keys to move Fireboy and W,A,D keys to move Watergirl. Now, both of the characters start from a point and have to reach their exit doors. However, there are obstacles (fire elements and water elements) in their path. They can each touch their own elements but can’t touch the opposite. You have to think through and use their skills to get through the exits.

Here’s the game link:

2. 2048

2048 oool math games

This is definitely one of the greatest puzzle games of all time. Extremely easy to understand and satisfying to play. The game has tiles numbered in the powers of 2, i.e. 2 (=2^1), 4 (= 2^2), 8 (=2^3), 16 (=2^4), and so on. You can use the arrow keys to move your tiles in any direction. The same numbered tiles when pushed in a direction add up to form a new tile and the goal is to get a tile of “2048”. The game is addictive and hooks you until you finally get a “2048”.

Here’s the game link:

3. Run 3

run 3 cool math games

Run 3 is the 3rd game in the “Run Series”. It’s a popular game series on Cool Math Games. This is an endless runner type of game and is fairly easy to understand. You control the character with arrow keys to run and jump. You can even land on the sidewalls and it will rotate the environment. There are multiple characters with different features in the game. So, you need to understand the characters in order to complete many levels.

Here’s the game link:

4. Stickman Swing

stickman swing cool math games

This game is the clone of a popular mobile game “Stickman Hook”. The game controls are very easy. Just tap to hook on the nearest hanger and gain the momentum to swing. Dodge the obstacles and get past the finish line.

Here’s the game link:

5. IQ Ball

IQ Ball is a puzzle game where you control the little purple ball (IQ Ball). And wherever you click, the ball stick out a rope in that direction, and if there is a surface, it gets attached to it. Once attached, it starts attracting or moving towards the surface. The goal is to get the Ball critter to the target. The target is the candy. So, you need some good moves to solve every puzzle. And help the iq ball eat the candy!

Here’s the game link:


These were my top 5 picks on CoolMathGames. I didn’t play all the games of course (there are 1300+), but I played more than a hundred. I discovered some more great games like (quite popular) on the platform, but I tried to build this list under some constraints – easy to follow and non-flash versions. This list has a mixture of fun and brain games. I hope you liked it.

If you have any suggestions, do let me know in the comment section below. And, if I missed an amazing game, let me know. I’ll check that out and add it to the list.

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