Why Singapore Mathematics? | Classical Education at Home
Why Singapore Mathematics? | Classical Education at Home

A few months ago, math was driving my daughter (and me) crazy! My seven year old daughter started in Horizons Math, but this year it was rubbing her the wrong way. She no longer liked math and was having a very hard time learning and understanding its concepts. I knew I had to change things! I have that fortunate opportunity as a homeschooler, so I began to pray and search. God sent the answer – at least for now. I ran into Math in Focus.

Math in Focus is “Singapore math for U.S. classrooms”. I had used some of Singapore’s Kindergarten math but didn’t really feel inclined to use the rest of their curriculum. I was aware, though, that Singapore Math had a good reputation. One concern I had read was that it didn’t apply as well to the U.S. since it came from Singapore. That problem seems to be somewhat resolved since Math in Focus is the U.S. Edition of Singapore Math.

The main aspect I like about Math in Focus is just that – it is focused. The curriculum focuses on one concept at a time, making it easier for my daughter to concentrate and understand the concepts. Each chapter centers around a particular topic, like addition, multiplication, length, volume, etc. For instance, in the 2nd grade book, there is a chapter on “Addition up to 1,000”. It covers four main lessons: addition without regrouping, addition with regrouping in ones, addition with regrouping in tens, and addition with regrouping in ones and tens. I usually cover one lesson per day, and it has worked very well for my daughter.

At the end of each chapter is a chapter review/test that is several pages long. With my daughter, I make it more of a review since she is young. There are also cumulative reviews and a mid-year review. The curriculum also provides plenty of other game ideas and activities for further reinforcement.

The student textbook is colorful but the workbook is not. That is a plus/minus situation. Sometimes my daughter likes that and sometimes she doesn’t. I did not buy the teacher’s edition for this year, but I know it is valuable for higher grades – makes checking problems so much quicker, for one!

In particular, if you have a child who is struggling in math, I would recommend Math in Focus. Check it out!

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