The Two Door Riddle From Labyrinth
The Two Door Riddle From Labyrinth

One-of-a-kind Hand Made Collectible Character Figurine Sculpture
“The only way out of here is to try one of these doors.”
“One of them leads to the castle at the centre of the Labyrinth and the other one leads to (…ba ba ba boom…) Certain Death!”
As a life-long Labyrinth fan I have poured my love of this beloved 80s classic fantasy film into this meticulously sculpted miniature.
This exquisitely detailed creation is made with all the intricate details of the original movie scene, down to each crack in the stones walls and the individual runes carved into the shields.
It is entirely hand-sculpted and hand-painted, using combinations of polymer clay and apoxie putty, mounted on a wood backing board that is finished with green velvet. The sculpture has been attached to a beautifully carved wooded base featuring organic swirls reminiscent of the Brain Froud’s signature visual style of rambling forests and organic faery designs. The faces are detailed with individual doll hair strands for their eyebrows and moustaches.
This sculpture is made to order, and can be made at a much bigger scale. The next one I make will be slightly larger than this one pictured as I have already completed the heads for it (it will stand roughly 45cm-48cm tall). This sculpture can be requested to be made up to approximately 70cm tall. At that size it would be roughly 1/4 to 1/5 scale of the original movie characters. The pricing of larger scale custom-sized sculptures will be negotiated with you. Large sculptures will be mounted on a different type of base than the one shown in the pictures, to support the weight and provide extra stability to the large model.
Construction time will take around 3 months from the date of purchase to complete, then roughly 2 weeks for shipping (depending on current trade and shipping flow times between your delivery area and my dispatch location) via a trackable freight courier.
Wooden Base:
Length: 35cm
Width: 15cm
Height: 6.5cm
Length: 30cm
Width: 12cm
Height: 33.5cm
Total height 40.5cm
Free shipping to anywhere in the world.
As the owner you will be also be given a unique experience: I will take you on the journey through the behind-the-scenes world of my sculpture studio space in action. I will photograph and document the creative process of bringing your sculpture to life and take you along for the ride, with regular updates and ‘making of’ photos that sent directly to you.
I personally pack each sculpture with extreme care using a variety of packing materials for optimal support. The sculpture will be packed in front of a courier officer in order to verify package contents. I use heavy duty, industrial grade moving boxes with reinforced interiors. Damage, however, can occur due to items mishandling of boxes in transit, or by careless customs officials who may decide to unpack the contents for random inspections. I cannot be responsible for breakages once the parcel is dispatched that occur during transit, but if the sculpture arrives damaged there are two options: either you can send it back to me and I will refund you the cost (minus cost of shipping), or your can keep it and I will walk you through precisely how to repair it via email correspondence or a live face-time call.
I’ve made hundreds of sculptures over the last 25 years, including character figures, props, puppets, miniatures, wall displays, paintings and set pieces for film and theatre. There’s lots of projects under construction in my work space that will be different from anything I’ve ever made before. Sometimes people ask me if I can make a particular character or replica for them and the answer is yes. So if you have any questions or ideas about something you might like made, please send me a message and we can chat about it.
If you are an interested buyer and would like to see more photos of the close up details, please message me! I’ve got more photos of the shield and the doors.
Yes, I do offer substantial discounts and a few different payment plans and methods. Open a chat with me so we can work out a method that’s best for you, and saves you money!

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