Duck Life 4 | Math Playground
Duck Life 4 | Math Playground

  • 25Making Dad ProudExpand to the second city in “Growing Up” scenario.
  • 25The UnderdogExpand to the third city in “Growing Up” scenario.
  • 30PharmakonComplete “Growing Up” scenario.
  • 30Back In The GameExpand to the second city in “Highs And Laws” scenario.
  • 30Game ChangerExpand to the third city in “Highs And Laws” scenario.
  • 30Check, mate!Complete “Highs And Laws” scenario.
  • 40Drop It Like It’s HotDissmiss all Activities in a place with very high Police Vigilance.
  • 25If You Know What I MeanSet up a Taxi Service front buisness.
  • 35Full-GrownHave an advanced Grow taking 5 rooms.
  • 20They Grow So FastHarvest your first plant.
  • 30Major Herb HeadHonor the legendary grower by harvesting at least 420 grams from one plant.
  • 30Green ThumbHarvest Legendary quality plant, without studying strain’s optimal conditions using Research.
  • 25Devil’s WeedMake weed illegal in a state, where cannabis was previously recreational.
  • 25We The PeoplePass bill legalizing recreational marijuana in any state.
  • 30OGReach the 7th level of shady Influence.
  • 35Saint Mary JaneGain the 7th lavel of decent Influence.
  • 40Gin And JuiceSell a batch of Legendary weed to Tastemakers, with flavor and effects matching their preferences.
  • 35MachiavellianBlackmail an employee to work for free.
  • 25DirtbagUse blackmail 15 times.
  • 25One-Armed GeneticistInvent your first weed strain using the PlantMaster.
  • 25Leaf BaronHave at least $4.200.000 in cash.
  • 25Puff Of PeaceChange Cannabis Acceptance of Religious Folk to Pot-Loving.
  • 30Legend Has ItBuy all Perks of either decent or shady Influence.
  • 30ayy lmaoPlay for at least 4 hours and 20 minutes.
  • 30Grove ST 4-LifeHave maximum Police Chiefs’ Vigilance
  • 30I got 99 problems but You ain’t oneKick out a competitor from a place where you don’t sell
  • 25Mandatory MinimumEnd up in jail.
  • 25American DreamEnd up as bankrupt, and still owing money to the bank.
  • 30Sweet LeafSell 1000g of weed below $5 price.
  • 30ExodusExpand to Salt Lake City in “Heat Wave” scenario.
  • 25Family MattersComplete “Heat Wave” scenario.
  • 30Follow your dreamsEarn 2000000 points in Custom Game with American Dream condition set.
  • 25ExecutiveEarn 1000000 points in Custom Game with Startup condition set.
  • 50MagnateEarn 3000000 points in Custom Game with Tycoon condition set.

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