College placement exam college level math 2
College placement exam college level math 2

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AATC offers classes, workshops, office hours, content reviews, and individual appointments to support students in math, science, and writing with professional staff and peer tutors.

Student Disability Center

  • If you need special accommodation, please let Student Services know and the Student Disability Center (SDC) know, ideally in advance. Please be aware of the following message by the SDC: “Any student with a documented disability (e.g. physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, etc.) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact the Student Disability Center (SDC). Faculty are authorized to provide only the accommodations requested by the SDC. If you have any questions, please contact the SDC at 530-752-3184 or”


The Calculus Room is staffed on weekdays during instruction. It is closed on campus holidays.

Open Hours
Monday 11AM – 6PM
Tuesday 11AM – 6PM
Wednesday 11AM – 6PM
Thursday 11AM – 6PM
Friday 11AM – 5PM

Note: The Calculus Rooms are closed during Finals Week, breaks, holidays, and the summer months.

Math Tutors

The tutors listed below are not necessarily associated with the Department of Mathematics. The information provided by the individual was pre-screened or verified by the Department. Tutors are current or recently graduated UC Davis students.

You can get added to this list by submitting a Math Tutor Application.

Name Status GPA Phone Rates
(469)-712-6284 $50-75 (negotiable)
Offered: All levels of math and college prep — middle/high school math, English and math for college exam prep, undergrad math courses, and (some) graduate math topics.
Available: Ongoing
Experience: I have over a decade of teaching, TAing, and tutoring experience, covering all ranges of students and topics of math or college prep. I enjoy working with students of all skill levels, and have experience with those working through learning disabilities and other significant challenges. I understand that many students not only struggle with math, but find it hard, unpleasant, and/or scary. I try to help make it make sense, as well as help students develop good study habits and learn to really understand the concepts as well as the calculations and problem solving.
Additional: I received my PhD in Math from UC Davis in 2020, and spent the following year teaching calculus and other courses. I am no longer teaching, but love helping students learn and understand mathematical concepts. If you are struggling, or just want to improve your understanding and scores, reach out to me (469-712-MATH) and let’s work together!
Grad 4.00 530-220-7590 $50
Offered: MAT 12, 16, 21ABCD, 22A, 108, 127ABC, 150ABC, 185A
Available: Ongoing
Courses taken: TAed: MAT 21ABCD, 108, 127ABC. Taught: MAT 21D, 22A, 108
Experience: I am a 5th PhD student and I have tutored calculus for over 5 years. So I know the type of the questions that usually shows up in exams. A lot of students find math overwhelming because they lose track in the ocean of concepts. I am here to tell you what you should look for in an exam and identify all concepts that appears in a question. In my experience, if you can pick the right tool to attack a problem, its solution is usually quite short. I can provide additional practice problems to help you achieve that.
Additional: Please text/email to ask for details and discount for new students. I prefer in-person tutoring and I can tutor anywhere in Davis.
Grad 3.77 908-334-6454 $45/hr
Offered: MAT 16,17,21, Algebra, Precalc, Trig, whatever you need
Available: Winter, Spring, and Summer 2023
Experience: I have tutored professionally for 10+ years with large tutoring companies like Kaplan and independent, “boutique” tutoring companies. I have excellent references. Feel free to ask for them.
Additional: Text me. I’m patient, effective, and flexible.
Grad 3606740267 $40
Offered: – MAT 16,17,21, College / High School Algebra, and Precalculus / Trig – Open to tutoring jr. high and high school students
Available: Ongoing, flexible availability
Experience: I have over 7 years of tutoring and teaching experience across various settings. This includes private tutoring, teaching university courses, serving as a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader, and managing college tutoring centers.
Additional: I believe an exemplary teacher is one who is empathetic and astute, tailoring their teaching style to best match the learning style of each individual student. That is, I believe effective teaching comes from being in tune with the personalities of one’s students, being flexible and empathetic, and creating a safe, empowering learning environment. Learning math can be fun!
Grad 8186065327 $50-60/hr
Offered: All levels of Calculus, Precalculus, High School Algebra, Differential Equations, Undergraduate Partial Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Intro to Proofs, Real Analysis, Topology, Abstract Algebra
Available: Ongoing
Experience: I have been tutoring math and physics for 7 years, have been a TA for Calculus 17A twice now, work in the calculus tutoring room weekly, and am an internationally certified CRLA tutor.
Additional: Willing to tutor middle and high school students as well as college students. Please contact by email or text.
3.90 805-441-1124 Variable, see website given below
Offered: MAT 21ABCD, 22AB, 16ABC
Available: Ongoing, online tutoring available
Courses taken: All relevant courses.
Experience: I am a former UCD instructor, always receiving top ratings. I have been tutoring math as a full time profession for 28 years. I have helped countless students turn even the most difficult academic situations into success stories, and I will do that for you too.
Additional: GUARANTEED RESULTS. Please see … … to find out all about me. My website explains my unique teaching method, the incredibly strong guarantee I offer, my pricing structure, and it contains impressive references.
Grad 323-556-1714 $45/hr
Offered: I am able to teach any material from K-12 as well as lower division college math courses. I have TA’d MAT 21A, 21B and 17C.
Available: Available All Times of the Year
Experience: I have taught a variety of calculus for over a year now in the form of group discussion sections and one on one tutoring. I have therefore seen first hand how students approach mathematics material (not just calculus) and what needs to be done to put them on the right track. My approach will deepen your understanding of any K-12 or lower division college math you wish at a fundamental level, see below for proof!
Additional: Check out some of my previous students’ (anonymous) evaluations below! “…really helped us stop memorizing things for the exam and start understanding the material so we can apply it to any question.” “…super helpful, not sure if I’d make it through the midterms without the TA.” “He heard our thoughts…He taught us very well based on our needs/wishes and cared a lot about us understanding.” “The people who passed and had no prior knowledge of Calculus can credit it all to him.”
Grad 9194481159 $75/hr
Offered: MAT 21ABCD, 22AB, 119, 128, middle school and high school algebra, geometry, and calculus
Available: Ongoing
Courses taken: MAT 21ABCD, 22AB, 119, 128, 170, 207
Experience: I have tutored math and physics since I was an undergraduate at UNC and have been doing so for over 8 years. I have experience with the full gamut of courses, from middle school algebra to high-level undergraduate and graduate courses.
Additional: Feel free to contact me by email or text! Happy to set up an introductory session or phone call to discuss options.
Grad Variable (see website below)
Offered: College level: 21ABC, 22A, 108 High school level: precalculus, AP calculus
Available: Ongoing
Experience: Tutoring experience: over 4 years. TA experience: 2 years. Associate Instructor (AI) experience: 2 summer classes (16A, 21B). See website for more details.
Senior 3.52 (510) 736-7880 20
Offered: MAT 108, 115A, 141, 150A
Available: Ongoing
Courses taken: MAT 21ABCD, 22AB, 108, 127ABC, 115AB, 147, 141, 150A, 180 (knots)
Experience: I’ve tutored MAT 108 for the math department for 3 quarters. I like going back and reviewing my favorite previous courses, and hope to strengthen my base knowledge on those subjects through tutoring.
Additional: Prefer contact by phone.
Grad 3.90 8187514084- $40-60
Offered: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Introduction to Proofs, Analysis, Algebra, Topology, Numerical Analysis, and most other upper division mathematics.
Available: Ongoing
Experience: I am currently a UC Davis PhD student in Applied Mathematics, and have 10+ years of private tutoring experience (K-12 and college) and 4+ years of university-level tutoring center experience. Throughout all of my time as a private tutor, tutoring center tutor, and teaching assistant, I have learned that one-on-one tutoring is by far the most conducive to learning. In a group setting, it is easy to fall behind the crowd or convince oneself that they are comfortable with the material, but individualized learning is the key to ensuring that students leave no cracks of knowledge unfilled. Doing mathematics can be incredibly rewarding, and I want to ensure that every student is able to see the beauty of it and feel the satisfying feeling of completing their homework and acing their exams.
Additional: I also tutor any level of K-12 mathematics and standardized tests such as the SAT and GRE. Feel free to e-mail or text me if you have any further questions!
Grad $50/hr
Offered: Pre-algebra, Algebra I and II, Pre-calculus, Calculus, and Differential Equations
Available: Ongoing
Courses taken: MAT 21ABCD, 22AB, 108, 115A, 188A, 119AB, 127ABC, 135A, 150A, 185, 201ABC, 207ABC
Experience: I have four years of experience teaching calculus to college students and have worked for three years with high school students on topics ranging from Pre-algebra to Geometry. I am currently a TA for the MAT17 series.
Additional: Virtual meetings on zoom/google meet. If interested, please send me an email ( and we can set up an introductory meeting to see if we would be a good fit.
Grad 4157477868 $50-80/hour
Offered: All levels elementary, middle and high school MAT 21ABCD,
Available: Ongoing
Courses taken: Lower divisions: MAT 21ABCD, 22AB Upper divisions: MAT 108, 115A, 127ABC, 125A, 145, 147, 148, 150ABC, 185A,
Experience: I have seven years of private tutoring experience both virtual and in person. I have worked long term with all of my students and have had excellent success in determining individualized learning plans which are tailored to meeting their specific academic goals. My teaching approach is to emphasize understanding so as to uncover the root of the misconceptions or sources of misunderstanding. I have also completed extensive coursework on the theory of successful teaching the skills and perspectives of which I incorporate into my daily teaching practices. I truly enjoy teaching and helping others understand math.
Additional: Happy to tutor all levels including k-12!
Grad 2183909899 50
Offered: From high school algebra through calculus to proofs based math courses.
Available: Year round
Experience: I’ve taught and tutored calculus for the last 8 years
Additional: Will to take on students from high school all the way to grad school. Willing to tutor in groups for a reduced rate per student.
(916) 800-2252 $45/hr (negotiable)
Offered: MAT 16ABC, 17AB, 21ABC, 108; high school geometry, algebra, calculus, statistics.
Available: Ongoing
Courses taken: BS and MA in Mathematics at UC Davis
Experience: About 5 years tutoring experience; college math instructor for 8 years at UC Davis, SCC, CSUS: Calculus (various flavors), Precalculus, Algebra, Statistics. Taught ESL at universities in China for 2 years. Students I tutor appreciate my patience and thoroughness, while I enjoy helping them build confidence as independent learners.
Additional: Available in Davis and Sacramento, to tutor students in junior high, high school, or college mathematics. Contact by e-mail, phone, messenger pigeon… let’s get to work!
Grad 4.00 9546350396 $35-$75
Offered: All college math and physics, and middle/high school math and physics at all levels.
Available: Ongoing
Courses taken: MAT 21ABCD, 22AB, 67, 127ABC, 150ABC, 145, 147, 115A
Experience: I am a PhD candidate in the mathematics department, holding master’s degrees math and physics and bachelor’s degrees in physics and music. Math is a frustrating experience when none of the material seems to fit together, so I want to help you find the forest through the trees. My philosophy is to approach your tutoring sessions by filling in background knowledge, identifying current misconceptions, and then creating a lesson style that resonates with how you learn. For many students, this means leading you on a path through which you can discover WHY the math you’re doing makes sense, making you prepared to tackle problems like those we practice and even others that seem alien at first.
Additional: I tutor any college math or physics, and I also have a lot of experience tutoring middle and high school students. I’ve been tutoring math and physics courses at UC Davis for five years, and I’ve TAed many upper division math courses. My research is about geometry in higher dimensions! Discounts available for new students and upper division classes. Please email!

MAT Tutoring Program

We are hosting MAT 108 tutoring this Fall (2022) drop-in style on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm in the Calculus Room (MSB 1118).

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