Resources to Guide Common Core Implementation

Both of these states (see also Arizona) have done a tremendous job unpacking the standards, interpreting them, and providing entry points for teachers’ to translate the standards into their curriculum. Utah’s site is considerably larger with more materials, resources, etc., but they heavily relied on the great work of North Carolina in their unpacking of the standards. The Gallery below offers a look at some of the documents that can be found at these different state resources listed throughout the post.

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These sets of unpacked standards are great to refer to as teachers really start to dig into the standards and want a second opinion on their meaning and how to start seeing them in their classroom. The North Carolina unpacked standards are a great companion to the Common Core State Standards.

Here is a link to the ELA standards unpacked: ELA Unpacked Standards

Here is a link to the MATH standards unpacked: Math Unpacked Standards

*Kansas has translated these unpacked standards and added some additional information in their grade level flipbooks for mathematics. Very cool and user friendly!

Utah has a plethora of resources that cascade down their Common Core homepage. Nearly all are worth a click and send you to a range of resources from technology, to news, videos, templates, lesson plans, etc. UTAH has done an amazing job! The links highlighted belwo are just a few of the things I discovered that were helpful and new to me.

Unpacked Math Standards:

They have taken the unpacking of standards even further than North Carolina and have really explored the standards at the cluster level. Look at the series of screenshots below to see what they do for a single mathematical standard 5.0A.3. Wonderful.

To access the unpacked math standards scrolldown on the homepage to Math.

With this work in both ELA and Math and their rich unpacking of the standards, they have also developed lesson plans that are cross-linked with the standards. They are multiple ways to get to the lesson plans, but the homepage for the lesson plans is located here.

Utah is developing curriculum maps, tools, lesson plans, and other resources each summer through their “Core Academy.” Teachers gather, collaborate, and share their work with the world. Here is the link to the ELA resources from 2011 and a link to the math resources I could find (I am looking for more!) screenshot of what you will find once you click on these links.

Jordan and Granite Schools: District-Wide Implementation

This is a gold mine full of hard work and thought that represents a scope of implementation that is hard to find anywhere else. I will try to outline some of the big links to collections of great resources, but the work of these districts deserves a great deal of time for those interested in implementation from a classroom teacher to a principal or superintendent. I have included links below and a gallery of screenshots of what you will find here.

ELA 6-12 Resources (a lot of things to click, but some wonderful resources here)

Secondary Math Resources (very strong unit design and wide selection of performance tasks and formative assessments)

Middle School Math Resources (very strong unit design and wide selection of performance tasks and formative assessments)

More to come on this post, but wanted to get it up and out there. Utah has a great deal to offer us all!

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