Valentines Day Quiz | 20 Questions and Answers
Valentines Day Quiz | 20 Questions and Answers

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! For best results, please open this game with PowerPoint 2016 or later. If you open in Keynote, Google Slides, Open Office, or some other software or program, the dollar amounts may not disappear from the game board as they should.

I included a converted version of the game in the file for older versions of PowerPoint.


Worried this game might not be compatible with your version of PowerPoint? Click here to download a free mini-version of my Thanksgiving Trivia Game!

If your PowerPoint version works for the Thanksgiving Trivia Game, it will work for the Valentine’s Day Trivia Game.

  • Recommended for: Grades 3-6
  • Lesson Duration: 1-2 library lessons (about 50 minutes total)
  • Formats: PowerPoint only (2016 or later is best)
  • Editable: YES, all text is editable


  • Valentine’s Day Trivia Game (54 PowerPoint slides)
  • printable game instructions


  • PowerPoint (2016 or later is best)
  • Large screen TV or projector with screen–students need to be able to see the game slides from their desks.
  • Using Keynote or an older version of PowerPoint? I recommend testing the game before you purchase. See above for testing instructions.
  • This game is compatible with Google Slides, Open Office, or Libre Office.
  • Please to see how it works in your software before purchasing. If that game works for you, this one will also work.


  • This Valentine’s Day Trivia Game requires ZERO PREP. You can pull it up on your computer, and it is all ready to go!
  • Students do not need any prior knowledge of the questions. Most of the questions are multiple choice, so they can always guess. Many answers are logical–you can talk students through figuring them out if they are stuck.
  • Every answer slide includes additional information about the answer.
  • This Valentine’s Day Trivia Game is instructional! Students are guaranteed to learn lots of new fun facts!


  • Includes 25 questions, most of which are multiple choice
  • Written by a school librarian for use in the library or classroom
  • When you click on the dollar amounts on the game board, they disappear when you return to the board. This ensures students do not pick a question that has already been asked.
  • All text and headers are editable in PowerPoint.


Some questions are easy, and others are more difficult. All of the questions are multiple-choice. I recommend this for Grades 4-7, but as it’s editable, teachers could tweak it for use with younger students.


  • Red, Pink, & White – Includes fun facts about flamingoes, pigs, the Ruby Slippers, red bell peppers, and the snowy owl.
  • Hearts – the aorta, largest animal heart, number of chambers in a human heart, the Queen of Hearts, and the body’s largest artery.
  • Chocolate – Hershey, Pennsylvania, candy in space, where cacao comes from, which chocolate is healthy, country that consumes the most chocolate.
  • Balloons – weather balloons, party balloons, latex, hot air balloons, hydrogen and helium.
  • Roses – “Painting the Roses Red” (Alice in Wonderland), red poem by Robert Burns, Beauty and the Beast, rose colors in nature, most popular rose color.

I’ve also included printable questions + an answer key. This is beneficial because:

  • The answer key gives teachers the ability to see the answers before they are shown to students (you could give hints about the answers before showing the answer slides).
  • The printable questions could be helpful for
  • The printable questions could be given to students as a


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