Snail Bob Cool Math Walkthrough
Snail Bob Cool Math Walkthrough

Snail Bob 2

Sequels are much kinder to our friend Bob. Unlike the first game, where he lost his house in Arthur Dent fashion, here he simply has to get to his grandfather and give him a birthday gift. He is a snail in a hurry in this avoidance game from Hunter Hamster – it’s up to you to make sure he makes it in Snail Bob 2, a point-and-click puzzle game from Andrey Kovalishin, Maxim Yurchenko, and Dmitry Petyakin.

Bob seems to have little care for his own welfare; in most levels he will simply move forward regardless of hazards. You can stop him by clicking on his shell, will give you time to manipulate the levers, switches, buttons and slides that remove obstacles out of his way. Clicking on Bob moves him along again and once he exits the level you have to do it all over again.

Fortunately, saving this snail is a gratifying experience, which has nothing to do with whatever karmic currency you might reap from it. As with the first game, Snail Bob 2’s puzzles are interesting and fun, but not terribly difficult. It escalates the difficulty slightly, and there is always the pressure of losing points for every second you play, but it’s not out to drive you mad. Instead every screen has a charming uniqueness to it. The same could be said for the first game and it is to this second outing’s credit that it recycles little to none of the original levels, but reuses many of the mechanics.

In a strange way this is more of the same without being more of the same at all. Then again, it’s about a snail with absolutely no Darwinian sense relying on your need for a high score. Normality doesn’t operate here.

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