🐲 Team Umizoomi: Milli, Geo, And Bot Find Baby Dragons! (Play Along Games) #teamumizoomi #nickjr
🐲 Team Umizoomi: Milli, Geo, And Bot Find Baby Dragons! (Play Along Games) #teamumizoomi #nickjr

Team Umizoomi Season 3 Episode 16

Ep 16. Let’s Play Math Dragons!

  • TV-Y
  • November 26, 2012
  • 23 min

Team Umizoomi is a Nickelodeon animated show that follows a team of superheroes consisting of Milli, Geo, and Bot, who use their math skills to solve problems and help their friends in Umi City. Season 3 episode 16, titled “Let’s Play Math Dragons!,” is no exception.
The episode begins with the team receiving a message from their friend, Logan, who is a huge fan of the game Math Dragons. He invites the team to come play with him, but when they arrive, they find out that the game has been hacked by a mysterious player. The hacker has caused chaos in the game, causing the dragons to run wild and the players to lose all their lives.
Determined to help, Team Umizoomi enters the game and meets Logan, who shows them around. The team soon discovers that the hacker has stolen all the gold and gems from the game, causing the dragons to get angry and wreak havoc in the virtual world. To stop the chaos, the team must collect enough gold and gems to satisfy the dragons’ hunger and bring them back to their peaceful state.
The team uses their math skills to collect the necessary resources by completing various tasks and mini-games. They gather gold by solving puzzles involving shape recognition, counting, and sorting. To obtain gems, they must use their problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles such as a maze, a race, and a puzzle involving time management.
Along the way, the team encounters a few obstacles and setbacks. They become separated and must navigate their way back to each other while avoiding the dragons. They also face a challenge when they reach the top of the Twin Peaks, where they must use their knowledge of fractions to share a large pizza among themselves and the dragons.
As they collect more resources, the team learns more about the hacker’s identity and his motives. They discover that he is a disgruntled gamer who was banned from the game for cheating. He seeks revenge by causing chaos in the game and making everyone suffer, but the team is determined to stop him.
In the end, the team collects enough resources to satisfy the dragons’ hunger, and they return to their peaceful state. They also confront the hacker, who tries to escape but is caught by the team and punished for his actions. Logan thanks the team for their help and promises to play the game responsibly from now on.
Overall, “Let’s Play Math Dragons!” is a fun and educational episode that teaches children about math concepts such as shapes, counting, sorting, time management, and fractions. It also emphasizes the importance of playing games responsibly and respecting the rules. The plot is engaging and full of action, with a satisfying resolution that leaves everyone happy.

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