Subitize Super Fast | Subitize to 10 | Jack Hartmann
Subitize Super Fast | Subitize to 10 | Jack Hartmann


Subitizing is not a term that we use often, but it is an important mathematical concept that can greatly benefit student achievement. Subitizing is the ability to “instantly see” how many. This method of teaching is achieved when students can spontaneously recognize and discriminate small numbers of objects. Students who can successfully subitize are able to “just know” a group of numbers and recognize the pattern. We move students on from one by one counting to subitizing.

Let’s take a look at the following examples:


We teach subitizing by exposing students to number patterns that they can immediately recognize. We train their brains to see organized groups of numbers. When students can successfully subitize, they are able to mentally compose (bring together) and decompose (break apart) numbers. They are able to quickly add numbers together without counting one by one.

For example, if a student knows that a full ten frame equal ten, and half of a ten frame equals 5, they are able to visually and/or mentally compose the numbers to make 15.

Students use subitizing to decompose numbers….

In order to make subitizing hands-on, fun and highly effective, I created these engaging NO PREP Subitizing packets!

These subitizing packets allows students to work with consistent patterns of dots, dice, ten frames, counting sticks and other familiar math patterns. Best of all, students get to color and play their way to successful subitizing!

BINGO: Level 1…

Students roll a die. They place a game piece on a matching number. For example, if they roll a three, they look for an item that has three. This pattern can occur in a die, ten frame, tally marks, fingers or any other organized pattern. This fun game helps students train their brain to immediately see and know the number. This simple activity helps students move on from one by one counting. Math becomes more effortless, quicker and FUN! This would be considered Level 1, where the numbers are less than 10.

BINGO: Level 2…

Once you move onto Level 2, the numbers increase and it becomes much more challenging. As you can see…we LOVE this game! I am currently using this as a review for my 2nd grader, who sometimes struggles to “see” the numbers immediately. These fun subitizing games will help us MASTER this concept!

Since the numbers are higher, we move on from dice to spinners. Begin by spinning the spinner with a paperclip and pencil. Cover the number that matches your spin.

We used what we had around the house…bug counters. For two players, each person gets a color for their game pieces. The first person with 5 in a row wins the game!

We worked hard on training our brain to “see” the numbers automatically! The conversation was AMAZING! When she spun a 17 for example, she would search the gameboard for an organized set of numbers that made up 17. She finally found one with a full ten frame plus 7 more! She can calculate pretty well, but this simple review is helping her brain automatically see the numbers!

Color Your Way to Successful Subitizing!

Kids LOVE to color, so why not teach subitizing by coloring? The patterns on the coloring pages are organized in a way that kids can immediately recognize sets of numbers. That being said, if students start off by counting the numbers, that’s fine too. However, we want to move them on from one by one counting to be able to visually “chunk” those numbers and immediately KNOW the amount.

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The Fall Subtilizing Packet is available {HERE}.

The Spring packet is filled with fun ways to make subitizing effective! Kids will be begging to play their subitizing games!

Be the First to Fill Your Board! These games allow students to play by themselves, with a partner or in small groups! Simply flip a card and cover the answer.

Just print the game boards on color paper, print the pieces on color paper, laminate and PLAY!

The great thing about these boards is that you can play AGAIN and AGAIN!

MAZES!!! These are AMAZINGLY FUN! Color your way through the maze, finding only the numbers indicated!

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And here is a Free Subitizing Sampler Packet for YOU!!!



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