Red Levels 1-12 Coolmath Games Walkthrough
Red Levels 1-12 Coolmath Games Walkthrough

What to Expect When Playing Our Games

What to Expect When Playing Our Games

We can say with confidence that the Coolmath Games experience is unlike any other you’ll find on the web. The safety and security of our users has always been our top priority. Our team strives to give players of all ages a place to game safely online – with no microtransactions, malicious content, or explicit advertisements.

A Leader in Educational Entertainment

Contrary to many beliefs, engaging games can actually help improve cognitive function. Studies show that playing games can also increase and enhance your learning. Playing games can improve areas such as pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination, and strengthening memory.

Fun, hands-on learning has been the core of our beliefs since 1997. Our game library is carefully curated to include only games considered non-violent, with no empty action or mindless mechanics. From puzzle games like Sudoku to platforming adventures like Fireboy and Watergirl, each game you play on our site encourages logical thinking and strategic planning in some way.

We strive to provide users with games that are not only incredibly fun, but train their brains behind the scenes, enhancing core cognitive areas. You’ll be so immersed in the game, you’ll forget you’re getting a mental workout!

You don’t have to be a student to benefit from our games, however. Our games are perfect for players of all ages. It’s been found that gaming can help improve memory and cognitive function at any age, and even slow the effects of dementia in older adults. It’s easy to get started on a rigid brain-training schedule. Coolmath Games can be accessed on both desktop and mobile, so you can play from anywhere!

To learn more about the educational benefits of our games, check out this article.

Always Free-to-Play

Our games are never locked behind a paywall. Everything you see on the site is free-to-play, no payment required. Unlike most free game sites or apps, we don’t pile on pop-ups for microtransactions or ads in between levels.

Coolmath Games offers a premium subscription for those interested in removing ads completely, along with a few other fun perks to give users the full Coolmath Games experience. The subscription unlocks completely ad-free gameplay, more customization options in your profile, and big screen mode!

The best part is that premium subscriptions are totally optional. The games are still free to all users, and always will be.

Our Ad Policy

In order to keep providing the community with a truly free gaming experience, we host video and static advertisements on our website. However, you won’t find any explicit or harmful ads on our site. Our advertising team carefully moderates each ad that comes through our platform, ensuring that users don’t see anything inappropriate.

We employ common passive data collection technologies in order to provide our users with the best ad experience. Tracking options are able to be modified or turned off at any time, if you so choose. We do not gather or sell personal information from our users.

Tracking technologies are used online for a number of reasons. Most common are to recognize returning visitors, provide users with personalized, interest-based content, and to improve our website. You can go here for more information about our advertising technologies used on the site.

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