Winter Maths Activity Ideas
Winter Maths Activity Ideas

Winter Math and Literacy Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

These winter theme math and literacy activities are differentiated for your students’ needs and easy to prep while being fun and effective.

Winter Math and Literacy Activities

Are you looking for engaging math and literacy activities that you can use this winter? Are you wishing you could find activities that would meet all the different needs and levels of your students without having to scour the entire internet?Are you trying to avoid cutting out a million different shapes and pieces? Do you need the activities in black and white because you can’t print in color? If you said yes to any of the above, then these winter math and literacy activities are going to be a lifesaver!

With 24 different activities and a variety of winter themes, this winter printable pack is perfect for centers!

While engaging with these winter activities, students will work on a variety of skills and you can tailor them to their level of ability.

Here is a list of the skills covered:

  • Letter recognition
  • Uppercase to lowercase letter matching
  • Letter sounds
  • Beginning sound identification
  • Number sense
  • Counting to 20
  • Sight words
  • Word families
  • Patterns
  • Visual discrimination
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Letter formation
  • Shapes
  • Fine motor skills

As you can see it is jam-packed with a wide variety of skills so that you can meet the needs of all of your students.

Easy Prep Winter Centers

Not only do these activities meet students where they are, but they also make learning skills fun and engaging! Students will smash pretend snowballs with hammers, and use play dough to make snowman shapes, feed penguins, build towers, write in sand, and so much more.

The activities use manipulatives you probably already have or can easily get. And the prep work usually only requires cutting along lines. I put everything I can in grids so that you don’t have to cut around lots of weird shapes.

Many of the activities require one mat that you can use over and over again for different levels or skills, so that you don’t have to use lots of paper or ink.

Everything has been created in a way that makes it easier for you. I want to save you time and make life easier for you!

A List of the Winter Activities

1. Smash the Snowball Letter Sounds

2. Smash the Snowball Sight Words

3. Snowman Button Matching – Numbers 1-20

4. Snowman Button Matching – Beginning Sounds

5. Feed the Penguin Mats – Numbers 1-20

6. Feed the Penguin Mats – Beginning Sounds

7. Feed the Penguin Mats – Word Families

8. Hot Chocolate Mats – Numbers 1-20

9. Hot Chocolate Mats – Beginning Sounds

10. Hot Chocolate Mats – Building Sight Words

11. Mitten Match Up – Uppercase to Lowercase Letters

12. Mitten Match Up – Numbers 1-20

13. Mitten Match Up – Beginning Sounds

14. Mitten Match Up – Rhyming Words

15. Mitten Clothesline – Patterns

16. Mitten Clothesline – Visual Discrimination Activity

17. Hot Chocolate Counting Cards 1-12

18. Snow Scene Addition and Subtraction Mats

19. Penguin Addition and Subtraction Mats

20. Snowman Letter Formation Cards

21. Winter Counting Clip Cards 0-10

22. Snowman Shape Cards

23. Mitten Counting Tower Mats

24. Penguin Find and Color the Letter

25. Winter Word Cards

Get the Winter Math and Literacy Activities Pack

The pack is filled with 25 activities and over 200 pages of engaging activities that your students are going to love!

If you are ready to save time and meet the needs of all of your students with these fun, differentiated winter activities, then click the button below!

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